Mature Students

Feeling a little anxious about stepping into study at a later stage in life? Or maybe you are seeking a career change? It's never too late to make a positive change and you are not alone! Many people just like you step back into the workforce after raising their families or becoming bored and unchallenged in their current line of work. There are many study options in all areas of New Zealand, as well as financial support to help you get there.

Explore our Careers booklet to get an idea of which health career suites you best and get inspired by the Personal Stories section to see what other Māori have accomplished in the Health field. Click on the links below to educate yourself on all of your options!

Study Options

Entering university study can be nerve racking for anyone of any age. Congrats to you for making the first step.

Foundation/ Bridging courses

For those who feel unprepared for university study

Tertiary Providers

Information to get your Health qualification on the road

Cost of Study

There are lots of different things you will need to pay for when you start studying that may be new to you.

Financial Support

Financial support and scholarships to help you through study.

Māori Support

Support for Māori students and their family

Personal Stories

You may not be alone on your journey to a career in health.