Interprofessional Education Session: Whakawhanaungatanga, University of Otago, Wellington

Interprofessional Education Session: Whakawhanaungatanga: learning
with, from and about each other to ensure patient and whānau centred care
Monday 3 February 2020, 10am–12pm

IPE key principle: Health professionals from more than one discipline work together better by learning about, from and with each other.
Hauora Māori key concept: Whakawhanaungatanga in a health setting involves developing a connection with patient and whānau by drawing on te ao Māori and exchanging personal information.
Disciplines: A total of 207 students from Radiation Therapy (1st and 3rd year students), Physiotherapy (4th year students) and Medicine (4th year students).
Background and preparation: Students will be pre-arranged into around several sub-groups of mixed disciplines per room. Two (or three, in one case) teachers have been allocated to each classroom to facilitate (generally 1x HM and 1 IPE teacher), including orienting staff and student tutors.
RT students will be paired (1x3rd yr and 1x1st yr) in a group.

Overall aim: Students will engage in whakawhanaungatanga to learn about, from and with each other and practice this in a health setting role play.

• students learn about each other by exchanging mihimihi
• students learn from each other by sharing information about their own profession
• students learn with each other about whakawhanaungatanga and interprofessional education, and discuss whakawhanaungatanga in a health setting with a Māori patient and their whānau

Overall session objectives: At the end of this session students will be able to:

1) describe whakawhanaungatanga
2) demonstrate whakawhanaungatanga when engaging with colleagues,
3) discuss applying whakawhanaungatanga with a Māori patient and their whānau (case study)

Event Dates: 
Monday, February 3, 2020 - 10:00 to 12:00