How to Stay in School

We know that sometimes kura can be tough. Assignments, teachers, exams - it can all be a bit of a hoha at times. Don't worry, we are here to support you! We've come up with these tips to help you stay in school. Print them out! Stick them on your fridge or wharepaku door. Get inspired, get motivated, kia kaha!

Use your Support Networks!

Don't try and do everything yourself at school. Your whānau, friends, and teachers are there to support you - so ask for it! Don't feel ashamed to tell people you are finding it hard. No one will know if you don't tell them! If you are feeling stressed have a kōrero with your parents, teachers, friends or brothers and sisters. Let them know you are finding it tough. It may surprise you how they can help you!

Get involved!

Get involved at your kura. Join a sports team, get your pukana on in the kapa haka group, have a jam in the school band. School doesn't have to be all boring and no fun! Get involved with a cool activity at your kura. You might even make some new friends to chill with! School is about balance. Make sure you are getting involved with something at your kura that you enjoy doing.

Keep your goal in mind!

It's always important to remind yourself every now and then why you are at school. Want to be a dentist? Want to be a nurse? It doesn't matter which health career you want to get into, you need to stay in school to get there. Wondering what's the point in going to school? Keep your goal in sight. Make a course plan for your career and give a copy to your favourite kaiako. Show your whānau. Send one to your cousin who's already on the study path. Do everything you can to remind yourself of why you have to stay in school. Good things don't come easy!

Study, Study, Study!

Yeah we know you've heard this deal all before! But it's really important to study for your exams and assignments. You've worked hard out all year in school; don't let yourself and your whānau down by not going hard right to the end. Need some extra tautoko with your studies? Check out our Study Assistance page for more information on how you can get extra help with your subjects. Not sure if you are taking the right subjects? Visit our What to Study page so that you know you are on the right rori.

Chill with the right people!

Make sure you're in with the right sort of people to keep you motivated and on track. It's important to have good mates to support you at school. If you are surrounded by people who want you to do well - then you will get there. Don't let anyone stop you from being what you want to be. So if you haven't already, find some cool people to chill with who are on the same study buzz as you. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future!