Cost of Study

There are lots of different things you will need to pay for when you start studying that may be new to you. Dont let the cost put you off, because the good news is - there's also a lot of different ways you can help pay for all those costs. Make sure you check out our scholarships database and Māori Support pages to see how you could score some extra putea.

So lets break down the main costs you will have when you study.

Course Fees

The main cost is going to be your fees. These cover everything to do with your tuition. Course fees vary in price depending on which institute you attend and what degree you are studying. If you know that your course is offered at a number of tertiary institutes then shop around to see what each course is going to cost as some are cheaper than others. Don't let the dollar sign put you off studying!

Course-related Costs

Once you've paid your course fees you'll need to make sure you have all the right gear for your course, like text books, stationery, and other resources. Your course coordinator should tell you what else you will need for your papers and then you can calculate your course-related costs in advance.

But before you break out the eftpos card, check out notice boards around campus or look on Trademe to see if anyone is selling text books or stationery second hand. Check out your local library to see if you can borrow text books for free! You can also claim course-related costs on your student loan. .

Living Costs

If you are moving away from home, or supporting whānau, then living costs may be the biggest cost when you study. Make sure you budget so you have enough putea for things like kai, rent, transport and power. What you will find is that you get really clever at finding best deals, best places to shop and ways not to spend.

If you can stay with a whānau member then do it. Make sure you access student discounts on bus and train passes with your student ID. If you need to get a part time job for some extra spending money then have a look at student job search. There are loads of jobs available throughout Aotearoa for students of all ages. You can also borrow money from the government to help cover living costs. Check out our Financial Support page for more info.

How much is your degree really worth?

Don't let all of these costs weigh you down. It may feel like its really expensive when you start off, but just remember - it will pay off in the long run. Work out how much your degree is really worth here on the Get Sorted website with student loan guides and studying guides - you will be amazed how much it really is worth studying in the long run!