Change Your Career

It doesn't matter if you haven't studied before, or if you are qualified in another profession, anyone can work in health. More importantly this sector needs workers from all ages and backgrounds. Your life experience will be an asset to you and especially to the whānau and communities you help.

A change in career is a scary decision and will affect you and whānau. There are options to help you reach your goals, while making sure that your loved ones are still priority. It's important that you know what health career you want to move into and how to get there. Make sure you create your own career journey, so you know where you're going.

Study Options

Entering university study can be nerve racking for anyone of any age. Congrats to you for making the first step.

Foundation/ Bridging courses

For those who feel unprepared for university study

Tertiary Providers

Information to get your Health qualification on the road

Personal Stories

You may not be alone on your journey to a career in health.