Why choose a career in Health?

Aotearoa needs more people working in health

There is currently a shortage in New Zealand's health sector. This means there is a shortage of jobs in the healthcare sector, creating more pathways for new employees into health and providing job security after graduation.

In addition, we know that many Māori prefer Māori health workers and Māori health workers often work best for Māori communities. So we need more Māori health professionals to meet the needs of our growing Māori population, both clinical and non-clinical. Currently Māori nurses are in the highest demand.

Awesome jobs - great salaries

A career in health means good money, interesting people, heaps of opportunities and the chance to contribute to your own communities. The healthcare field is fast-paced and exciting, so there's never a dull moment. Jobs are currently available for all education and experience levels with competitive earning potential. Anybody can start a career in health, so don't let the field of science mystify you!

Helping others

One of the most exciting things about a career in health is the ability to make a difference in people's lives. Helping others and being part of a world that is always exciting and changing can be extremely rewarding. This element of job satisfaction is crucial for your own health and happiness as well.

Change Your Career

It doesn't matter if you haven't studied before, or if you are qualified in another profession, anyone can work in health. More importantly this sector needs workers from all ages and backgrounds. Your life experience will be an asset to you and especially to the whānau and communities you help.


For any Health career, you will have to have training, which means study!
Kia Ora Hauora breaks down the study options for you to make your health career journey easier. We inform you about study options for your chosen Health career, what subjects to take, which wānanga is closest to you that supports your career option, what it may cost, and much more...

Career Profiles

Explore various career options. Learn about what these professionals do and what it takes to get there.

Online Resources

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